About Us

We are Birendra group, a NGO that aims to help society in the field of education and social services under the board Birendra Educational and Social Trust abbreviated as BEST. At the same time we run industry based on aluminium and fiber under the name Prince Aluminium and Fiber Industry. Common Service Center and Home Decoration Work are some highlights of the Birendra group unit. At times we launch different social welfare schemes to make the society a better to live.More

Our Services

Birendra Group Educational

We as an educational unit serve in several areas of education. Our aim here is to provide skill and career based learning. This helps in achieving descent job and a settled life in future. There are mainly four areas where we are educating fellow students. One of them is KYP, an initiative of Bihar government. We also have DCA for computer education and english spoken to overcome the fear of english. Our coaching center is renowned in the region for producing results in Board both in english and hindi medium as we target the secondary and higher secondary school students.

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Birendra Group Trust

Our NGO under with the name Birendra Group Trust is doing well in different Segment of social service. Helping at religious events like 'kawariya yatra' to Deoghar and Chhathpuja. Ambulance service is provided to the needy by the organization. Government and Private ambulances also help us in helping others. We organize blood donation camps. Plantation work is done to save the environment. We ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding by taking inspiration from ' Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan'. In Corona pandemic, we distributed countless masks and sanitizers to ensure the safety of people.

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Birendra Group Industry

Apart from educational and Social services, Birendra Group is leading in Industrial manufacturing units. We run different factories namely Steel factory for steel products such as steel window and gate , Cement-Bricks factory for cement made bricks production and Kaati factory. Aluminium furniture are the highlights of the Industry and our store name is Prince Aluminium. We also provide argon welding services. Other work services are Plumbing, electric wiring, painting, renovation and demolisation of old houses etc. We believe in quality work and trustable services.

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Birendra Group Human Resource Solution

We work under the banner of Birendra Group HR Solution LLP ( Limited Liability Patnership ) firm. We Work in the field of Human Resource Management System. In This Regard we take care of human resource need of any companies, who works in service sector or manufacturing sector.

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